Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM)

As a vendor neutral DCIM consultancy, we can work with you to ensure the DCIM products you choose and use, are right for your data centre, are producing the right metrics for you, and are really helping you drive efficiencies.

For those wishing to improve their energy efficiency, there is one fundamental requirement without which you will always fail. The ability to measure and monitor both your environment and your systems. If you can’t get a baseline to work from, you can’t measure your improvement. In simple terms this equates to sensors. These sensors can be either sensors you deploy within your data centre, or sensors that are readily available for you to use within the equipment you already have. Most modern servers can give a range of data that can be used to determine efficiencies and running temperatures. Other deployed sensors can measure inlet temperatures, return air temperatures to CRAC units, air flow, leak detection, and power readings from PDU units.

However, whilst some companies are able to record data, many companies fail to use correct metrics in order to use that data effectively in driving efficiencies within the data centre. Many companies are also confused by the amount of DCIM tools that are now available to help display this data and these metrics, resulting in some nice visual displays, but adding very little to your data centre’s overall efficiency.

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