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Where Have We Been ?

So yes, it’s been a long time since I updated the company blog, and that’s really because we’ve been so busy over the last year !! Also, because we are somewhat of a “boutique” firm, we tend to sign up to longer term contracts, and we concentrate on just one or two at a time, which gives our clients consistency, and it means we have a complete history with each project, that can sometimes get lost with bigger companies and changing teams. With some of our clients that also includes signing up to NDAs and the like, and that makes writing about various projects very tricky and a bit of a minefield, so we tend to leave well alone to avoid any major faux pas. However, that said, lets see if we can give you a little insight as to what we’ve been up to…

A Successful Second Year

Although we reached that milestone way back in March this year, our second year was very successful. With two major projects being undertaken, one rolling over from the previous year, that being our Storage migration project, working with EMC, and a longer term project working with Deerns, an M&E Design Consultancy, helping them to deliver ICT packages for a full ground up build to their global client base.

EMC Storage Migration

This project was already in full swing as our second year started, and is covered in our previous ( and first ) blog entry. HERE


Deerns is a Design Consultancy, and has delivered projects for Airports, Cleanrooms for hospitals, office spaces, and more recently Data Centres. Our work with Deerns was based around delivering the ICT side of their projects, helping them to design fibre and copper routes and containment around new build data centres and campuses. We also helped survey an existing data centre to help produce drawings and a 3D model so the client could see how their proposed changes would affect the existing working space.

The project started at the beginning of July 2014, and went all the way through to the end of July this year, covering around 5 data centre builds, across several campuses. We also helped deliver the design of the external wi-fi to one client’s data centre campus. As said previously, with us being signed to NDAs, it makes it impossible to post pictures and specifics of the various projects, but hopefully this brief overview will have given you a picture of what we’ve been busy beavering away at in the background…

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