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Our History Is In Data Centres

In the late 90’s, our Managing Director and principle consultant, Mark Pacey, worked in the manufacturing arena for a leading edge telecoms provider. Back then, small businesses would ( and a few probably still do ) run their servers and comms equipment from a cupboard. If it got hot, you stuck a desktop fan in the cupboard. That’s how things used to be. No paperwork, no management approval needed, you just did it.

From Manufacturing Mark then moved formally into the IT sector, as a field engineer for an IT support company, supporting the data centre infrastructure of many leading financial firms out of the Docklands area, central London and home counties, such as Pershing, a clearing firm for most of the major banks. He eventually joined Pershing, and got involved with their data centres and spent almost 11 years in the group, finally getting transferred to Bank Of New York Mellon in 2009. He served on their data centre management team, and in 2012 helped them design, implement and migrate to a new tier 3 data centre suite. He then left in early 2013 to set up his own consultancy, MP IT Solutions Limited.

So from being end users, to being field engineers, to working in data centres and finally to being certified data centre professionals, our consultants have experienced the industry grow. Our consultants have been in some of the pilot groups for CNETs data centre training programmes, giving feedback to help them develop their courses in data centre design and data centre management. So as a company, we believe in the process of certification, so that you know as a client, that the knowledge that our consultants have, is actually what we say we have.

We Take Pride In Our Work

There’s so much emphasis these days on the bottom line, and saving our companies as much money as possible, that occasionally the quality is overlooked. As a company, we like to take pride in what we do. We want to be the first company you think of for data centre services and solutions. We want you to come back to us time and time again, but you’re only going to do that if you’re completely happy with our work, and trust that we know our stuff.

You want to feel that you are in safe and expert hands. Being a small consultancy allows us to give you that personal service, whilst still having the reach and support of industry leading partners.

Working To Best Practices

We’re all more aware these days of the fundamental data centre do’s and don’ts. Hot and cold aisles, organised cable trays separated for power, copper and fibre, and with cabling mining programmes to keep floor voids clear for airflow. Cabinet blanking panels, environmental monitoring etc.

We and all our partners work to the latest data centre best practices, to ensure we give you the right help, so that your data centre can service your business well into the future.

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A side PDUs Patching frame VMAX SAN Red side patching frame Warm aisle