Data Centre Suite Design, Fit Outs & Refits

MP IT Solutions can solve your data centre design problems with either full design and build services for new data centres, or we can plan and implement a refurbishment project for an existing data centre. We use industry best practices to ensure you achieve the best design for your data centre.

New Data Centre

Many companies these days are either not big enough to own their own data centres, or they don’t want the overheads of running their own site, and so look for collocation (shared) space, whether that be a shared room, or a secure, dedicated suite of their own within the larger data centre building. We can locate the ideal provider, work with you to decide exactly what you need, and then design your new space, using industry best practices, and deliver the new data centre using our industry leading partners, so you have a first class space that is fit for receiving your equipment and services. If need be, we can also design you a data centre migration plan, and resource the physical migration of all the services to your new space.

Existing Data Centre

Many existing legacy data centres will have issues at some point in their life with one or more of the four big constraints, power, cooling, space, or connectivity. This may not necessarily mean that you need a new data centre though. Sometimes it’s just a case of makes making better use of what you already have. We can audit your data centre, so you fully understand where the bottlenecks are, and we can suggest how you may be able to make better use of your existing infrastructure, along with new technologies, to help you reclaim some of your power, cooling, space or connectivity. We can then plan and implement a strategy to ensure your data centre can service your business into the future.

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