Data Centre Audits

Our in-house consultants can perform a full audit of your data centre, and give you a good understanding of what areas of your data centre are working well, and what areas could be improved, so you can move towards industry best practices.

Since around 2006, the data centre industry has been working towards solutions to common problems in the form of best practices. Many legacy data centres have issues at some point in their life with one or more of the four big constraints, those being power, cooling, space and connectivity.

Many of the engineers working in data centres are not formally trained in data centre techniques, and so trying to work to data centre best practices becomes a challenge. Our in-house consultants are certified data centre professionals, and will audit the whole data centre environment, from building security, to data centre procedures, right through to the IT equipment, and give you recommendations to help you move towards the industry best practices, so your data centre can run efficiently.

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