Data Centre Energy Management Strategies

Electricity is the main stay of the Data Centre, and with electricity prices set to soar over the next decade, and with the growth of new technologies and “big data”, the problem of ever growing energy usage is compounded. The energy usage is also split among many disciplines of the data centre such as facilities, storage, server etc and the teams dealing with these areas may also be split into many sub teams. These teams are very often not trained in enegry management techniques or strategies.

This is where we can help. Whether you are at the very start of your energy management drive, or whether you have an energy strategy in place and just need help with the next steps, we can guide you. Our consultants are CDCEP certified, giving you the confidence of a globally recognised certification that backs up the knowledge they have.

The key to remember is that Energy Management has to be a holistic approach, in that it applies to the Data Centre as a whole. Your facilities people, your storage people, your server teams, and everyone involved all have to understand the goals and objectives of your company’s strategy, and do their part in the energy management programme for it to be successful.

Many companies start by turning to PUE and DCiE as a measurement of their efficiency, and whilst this is a great starting point, it must be considered as just that, a starting point. From here you can get an idea of how much inefficiency you have, and the potential for improvement.

Our comprehensive energy audits look at all of your major components in detail, so you can see where any inefficiencies lie, and we will then give you a suggested energy strategy for addressing each area in your data centre, giving short term, medium term and long term goals. We can also then use our industry leading partners, to help you action the energy strategy.

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