New Tier 3 Suite

The existing Data Centre Suite was some 9 years old, within a secure dedicated suite, in a collocation environment. The client had already undertaken, and was a good way through some virtualisation and consolidation programmes, but felt that the projected growth of the company’s IT infrastructure was such that it needed to look at migrating to a larger site utilising todays best practices and technologies that allowed future growth paths to ensure the Data Centre could continue to deliver the services the business needed well into the future.

We assisted the business in defining the RFP (request for proposal) including some of the technologies they knew they wanted in the new data centre. We designed the layout for the new suite, including areas of standard loading (around 5KW/rack), and areas of high density (up to 10KW-15KW/rack).

Working with some of the business’ key vendors, we were able to get the vendors to site their equipment in the data centres chosen standard cabinets, rather than free standing vendor cabinets, making it easier to design cold aisle containment, and making future growth of the systems far quicker to deliver.

Where it was not possible for the vendors to deliver to standard cabinets, an area was created for free standing equipment, and cold aisle containment was designed around them, allowing room for growth with standardised blanking panels for each system, with cable management delivered via overhead panels, suspended from the cable management baskets. Cable management was physically separated into two distinct routes, giving a fully diverse physical network path for both copper and fibre.

Power was delivered via RPPs (remote power panels) using the under floor plenum to route power cabling to the cabinets. CRAC units were placed inside the data centre around the perimeter, and benefitted from variable speed fans to allow the units to automatically ramp up and down dependant on IT load needs. Pull-down reels delivering dirty power were installed to allow data centre engineers and 3rd party engineers to use any equipment they need to service equipment, without affecting the IT environment.

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Red side patching frame High-level containment