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So yes, come in, sit down and take the weight off your feet. Grab yourself a tea ( or coffee ) and a jaffa cake or one of those new fangled chocolate orange digestives, and have a look over our new blog.

I’ve been putting off this part of the site off for a while now, mainly because I wasn’t originally convinced we really needed a blog. However, the more time went on, the more I realised it was good forum to both showcase what we do, by talking about the projects we’re working on, and by talking about the trends in the industry, and where we fit in with those. So here, finally, is our blog.

Our First Year

Our first year has been a resounding success. We’ve been involved with a Data Centre Dilapidation project, various audits, and a Storage Migration for BT. Our very first project was connected to our MD’s previous company, a large global investment bank. Norland Managed Services were running the overall project, but needed a site manager to oversee the work. As our MD had extensive knowledge of the site, he agreed to manage the two onsite teams that were doing the work, both day shift and night shift. The details of the project can be found here.

We were also approached by a couple of cloud companies, who’s clients were looking for an independent audit on their data centres, to add to their business cases for moving to the cloud. In most of these cases, they were SME’s with no real data centre knowledge, and no dedicated data centre resource. In one case, the small data centre was on the 3rd floor in the centre of the office space, and all the UPS’ and plant for the data centre and UPS’ and cabling to other floors were around the perimeter of the data centre space, making it, not impossible, but very costly to expand the space for the gain that they would achieve. We made a number of short, mid and long term suggestions, with a lifespan for the data centre in its current form. This was included in the due diligence for the business case for moving to the cloud.

More recently we’ve been involved with a Storage Migration project for BT, working alongside the guys at EMC. Whilst not strictly directly data centre related, our knowledge of EMC’s equipment, data centres and project management, meant that we were able to step in quickly when needed and hit the ground running. Within the remit that we were given, the project was successful, with only 2 hosts remaining unplanned for migration due to needing further work before migration.

April 2014 saw us celebrate the completion of our first year, and the outlook for the coming year is shaping up well. Thanks to all our clients for your business this past year, and we hope to do more business with you all in the future.

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